A celebrity is defined as a famous person who demands a high degree of public and media attention. The irony of this definition is that many of these individuals try to avoid media attention, but they are still considered celebrities and it's one of the main reasons we enjoy celebrity photos so much.

Celebrities are often regarded as the most beautiful people in our society. Because of this and because of their unique talents, we strive to see them in any way possible. In many cases, the only view that we have into the lives of these individuals is through celebrity photos.
Celebrity photos allow the everyday person to get a glimpse into the lives of celebrities. In fact, popular newspapers, such as the New York Post, even post daily celebrity photos for people to browse online. These celebrity photos allow you the opportunity to see celebrities in their daily activities. You may see a photo of Regis Philbin leaving the gym or Madonna leaving the Kabbalah Center. You may even get the chance to see Ben Affleck and daughter, Violet Affleck, go for a cup of coffee and a walk.

Other celebrity photos that are popular are those that are taken on the sets of movies or photo shoots. These offer us a glimpse into the working life of the celebrities we love. You have the ability to see them creating the movies, music and photos that allow us to see what their working life is like.

These types of celebrity photos also offer a bit of controversy at times as well. These photos are often taken by individuals who are termed as being a part of the "paparazzi." These photographers often get a bad rap from celebrities and the public, but most of the celebrity photos that people see on the Internet and publications are taken by these individuals, who are not all bad but just trying to make a living.










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